Jungle Waterfall Cliffs (UE4), by Tyler Smith. My players and I used this beautiful 3D render as a way to visualize the environment of Hyperion.

Warband’s Divide, chapter 8 of my long-running tabletop D&D campaign, was entirely built around one concept: exploring central conflict and tension.

The Warband was a tribe of warmongering orcs, nothing unusual. They inhabited an enormous, fantastically tall plateau named Hyperion — home to highly vertical landscapes, untamed jungles, and dangerous predatory fauna.

Hyperion provided enough for the entire Warband to survive, even if dinner had to be beaten into submission before eaten. But, much like in classical fantasy, the Warband’s orcs didn’t just want to survive. They wanted to live! And, for an orc, to live is to war!

From the Driving Force


Paulo Oliveira

Game Programmer, Digital Cartographer, AI Enthusiast, Pentesting Hobbyist and passionate storywriter!

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